The perils of getting a pixie cut, and the awful process of growing it out

This post is by way of warning those who might be considering getting a pixie cut to really consider before doing it, and also to give myself a personal record of my growing out process.

In general I would say that pixie cuts are best on those who have pixie features and pixie body shapes, and whose hair is not particularly wilful or temperamental.

I can’t remember why I cut all my hair off now. I think I got fed up with it hanging around my face and I thought that Shannyn Sossamon looked cool with her pixie crop. Since I look absolutely nothing like her, I don’t know why I even tried it. But I did, and I let myself in for a year of hair hell and an intimate acquaintance of every stage of mullet.


My pixie cut looked all right for abut two weeks. After that, it looked awful, and it continued to look awful until about 10 months later, when it began to look like actual hair again.

I’m not saying that all pixie cuts are horrible. Some people look great in them. But think long and hard if you want to try it, that’s all. It doesn’t suit everybody, and it takes a long time to get your hair back.

Because I began to be so desperate to have hair again, I started taking selfies to record how fast (or slowly) my hair was growing. I also created an inspirational pin board on Pinterest full of long locked ladies, to discourage me from giving in to any more mad hair cutting impulses. As a result, I have enough pictures to show the growth over one year. And it shows just how slow my hair grows.

hair year 1

As you can see from the pictures, my hair stopped growing completely between October and December 2016, and then picked up again in the Spring. This might have something to do with the fact that I was going through a very difficult period of grief in the autumn after losing my brother; or it might not. I don’t know. I’ll have to see what happens this coming autumn.

During the last year I trimmed my hair twice, both times just cutting off the very ends to deal with the long layer at the back, which got very scraggly at times. A pixie crop is so very layered that when it grows out the hair is messy and uneven.

I kind of have this desire to just let my hair grow and grow now. Part of me is curious to see how long it could get. Part of me would like to have a magnificent bun that could hold itself up without hair pins. Part of me would like to have fairytale hair before it all goes grey and I look like a witch. Part of me would quite like to look like a witch.

And part of me just can’t be bothered trying to find a nice haircut or paying a stylist. Just trimming the ends off at home twice a year is much simpler and cheaper.





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