Prepping my autumn 2017 capsule wardrobe: weight gain, climate and the colour purple

capercaillieblackberriesharvest micepine conesHello folks!

Today’s post is all about the prepping process for creating my autumn capsule wardrobe. I like to have a different capsule wardrobe for each season of the year. This is mainly because a) I need a different selection for the climate changes where I live and b) I love colour and if I didn’t have the creative process of working with a different colour palette every three months I would soon feel bored and stifled with my wardrobe.

This year’s big issue is weight gain. I explain the reasons for my weight gain briefly in the video below (part 1) – though the reason for that isn’t really the point. It’s how it affects my wardrobe prep that is the relevant issue. The weight gain was considerable and it happened very quickly – I put on about two dress sizes within 3 or 4 months (I don’t weigh myself so I go by clothes size). When you have a capsule wardrobe with pieces that you revisit year after year, this obviously has a significant impact on the whole process of putting your capsule wardrobe together for the new season.

In the videos I show you how I do the prep process. I came away with a focussed shopping list, which thankfully was not nearly as long as I feared it might be when I saw how many clothes from my autumn box I couldn’t fit into.

Shopping list:

  • two dresses, both in warm fabrics and one very roomy and comfortable for wearing around the house, gardening and walking the dog in
  • one presentable-looking jumper/sweater
  • one fancier top (fancier than the merino base layers, that is)
  • one skirt
  • one warm scarf
  • Possibly a hat

With regards to colour scheme, I had planned a whole palette scheme around purple, berry colours and forest greens, with black as the principle accessorising colour and a few appearances of rich brown. I spent some time sourcing lovely pictures on Pinterest as inspiration:

(If you are the photographer or own the copyright to any of these photos and object to their being on this post, please get in touch and I will take them down. I got them all from Pinterest, but I have tried as far as possible to find the original site sources and provide links to them. Click on the descriptors to go to the sites: capercaillie; blackberries; harvest mice; pine cones; books; forest; bloodberries. You can also go on my Pinterest board and click the individual pins.)

The ironic thing is that when I opened up the box I discovered that I might as well not have bothered because clearly I go for that exact same colour scheme anyway, year after year! If you are wondering why I don’t go for the traditional rich oranges, reds and yellows of autumn leaves, it is because they do not go at all with my skin tone, which suits cooler colours. I think the colours I choose are equally autumnal, just in a different way!

As it turned out, most of the green things I own already I couldn’t fit into, and I was left with a lot of purple items, and black layering pieces. Therefore in my remaining shopping I will avoid purple items and look for green or navy-based.

I hope you enjoy the videos, and also that if you are prepping for your own capsule wardrobe or find you have weight gain issues getting in the way of your capsule wardrobe process, it will be helpful to see how someone else does it. Because of iCloud and YouTube issues, I had to split the video into two parts:

Video 1 – part 1, from going through the box to discovering what I can’t use this year:

Video 2 – part 2, going through what I can use this year and identifying the holes in the wardrobe that need filling:

Now I just have to fill those holes in the wardrobe – which is one of the most fun parts!

As usual, I would love to hear from you, if you have any comments, suggestions or questions!

P.S. the amount of fluff showing on the clothes in the box took me by surprise – I think the lighting was showing every little teeny weeny speck! Really they don’t look as bad as all that.

P.P.S. Before I go, I just want to shout out again to Jennifer L. Scott’s The Daily Connoisseur blog and YouTube channel. I feel like my ability to come away with such a focussed shopping list is in good part down to her example with her ten-item-wardrobe skills, which she has honed and shared over the years:

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  1. Terry Thomas

    I love your fall colors! Perfect for the season. Keep blogging. You have a beautiful sense of color and you are a funny and wonderful writer.


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