2017 Spring capsule wardrobe – updated

Hello folks, So the six item year long challenge is finally over (phew!) and I can wear a decent selection of clothes again. This last week I have added some more in, and now have a complete capsule to see me through to the end of spring (mid-late June, depending on the weather). I have […]

A weekend in Copenhagen

Hello folks, Some time ago, when a friend and I were both very miserable with the various horrible things that were going on in our respective lives, we grasped at the notion of a travel cure and booked two very inexpensive tickets for a short trip to Copenhagen. Then we forgot about it, until last week we […]

How I worked out my colour palette

Hello folks, Today my topic is a pet obsession of mine: colour palettes. More specifically, how to work out your own personal colour palette for free and work with it to make all your clothes really suit you and bring out your own lovely features. I’m sure you all know someone who is nice-enough looking […]

Six Items Wardrobe: Spring 2017

Hello folks, Whew! It’s been a LONG time since I gave an update on my six-item-wardrobe. In case anyone was wondering, I am still doing it – but life got in the way of my blogging about it. It’s been rather a hellish year and writing about my clothes just didn’t make the list of […]

Six item challenge – for a whole year!

You know when you agree to do something and then turn around and say “what was I thinking???!!” Well, I think I’ve let myself in for the mother of all spontaneous obligations. The other day an email popped into my inbox from Caroline at the charity Labour Behind the Label, inviting us six-items-for-six-weeks challenge veterans to […]